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Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself?

No, a car battery cannot recharge itself. If your car battery has no energy, it will need an external power source such as an external charger or a vehicle alternator. The power source can offer an adequate power capacity that can reverse the discharge process.

A drained battery can occur even when you least expect it. Sometimes, it can cause significant inconvenience when it dies in the middle of nowhere with no nearby power source. But, do not panic.

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What Causes A Dead Battery?

A car battery from a renowned manufacturer should last about five years but only under the best conditions.

Moreover, when your car battery meets a premature death, usually it is because of the owner’s fault meaning it was in a situation that could have avoided.

Among the many ways a car battery dies is when you do not provide it properly. As a result, the cables and posts connecting the battery to the engine start to erode. When they rust, they break and cut quickly hence cutting short the energy supply.

Also, severe weather conditions like hot or cold weather can drain the life out of a battery. A popular mistake that most people make is leaving the lights on when the engine is off. This will make you come back to a dead battery. To avoid this, always confirm your lights are off before leaving your vehicle.


How Do You Recharge A Dead Battery?

It is possible to recharge a dead battery only if the battery cells in the battery are not spoiled. This means that as long as the cells can hold even the slightest charge, a battery charger or alternator can revive the battery fully after some hours.

Well, that’s some good news that you don’t need to replace the battery when it dies. However, if the dead battery is over five-year life span, then it calls for a new one. Therefore, jump-start the battery and run for like 20 minutes, allowing the engine to recharge the battery. If this fails to hold, it’s time for a new battery.

Remember that if your car holds a charge or not is not definite. Therefore if you are lucky to get help with jump-starting your car, you should drive to a safe zone. A safe zone will quickly help you get a second jump or help of towing your car to a garage or back home.


Proper Battery Care

  1. To avoid being in this position of a dead battery, you should first ensure your battery is fully charged even when you are not using your car.
  2. Because extreme temperatures harm the car battery life, it would help protect your car from these extreme conditions. You will need to park in an insulated garage during cold weather and park under a shade in hot weather.
  3. In case you will be away for an extended period, it would be best to connect your car battery with a battery maintainer. This will maintain the charge topped off and not get too low for as long as you are away.
  4. Still, you can consider buying hybrid car batteries. They are a great alternative to save money on the gas station and save the world from carbon emissions. While they are long-lasting, bear in mind that you will need to get a new one once they fail. Yes, they are pretty expensive as well.

Finally, it’s never a crime when your car battery dies. But to avoid such, always have proper and frequent care and maintenance on the car battery and carry a jumper cable because you never know where and when the battery might fail.