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Why Would a Car Run Better with the Mass Air Flow Sensor Unplugged: The Best Way to Fix It

One of the most common car problems, the mass airflow sensor, is responsible for taking in air and measuring how much oxygen is present. A faulty sensor will result in engine trouble. If you’re wondering, “Why would a vehicle run better with this piece unplugged?” then these are the possible reasons why…

It’s possible that your mass airflow sensor has become clogged with dirt or debris. This could happen if you do not change your air filter often or if you use dirty gas or oil. It’s also possible that it’s just old age setting in. A new, clean sensor can be installed to fix this problem. With proper care, your car should run smoothly again.

Mass Air Flow Sensor: How to get it?

You can go to an auto parts store to purchase a mass airflow sensor for your car. You can easily find it in automotive parts stores. However, these parts stores often have very high prices.

A better option would be to look at online retailers that sell auto parts or DIY online stores. All it takes is to search for a part that you need, such as a mass airflow sensor. You will then be able to go through their website or a specific page to purchase that part.


Why would a car run better with this part unplugged?

It doesn’t know when the vehicle has reached a high enough RPM or is about to slow down to a stop. If you change the mass airflow sensor frequently or if you use dirty gas or oil, the sensor will know when the vehicle has reached a higher RPM or is about to slow down to a stop. This makes it unable to tell if the car has reached its max RPM and will stop the engine automatically. The sensor will detect the higher RPM and prevent it from blowing the RPM to the floor, resulting in an increase in RPM. You may not notice this happen. It could happen anywhere you drive.

It could increase your car’s fuel efficiency by reducing the engine RPM to idle speed. By adding another RPM sensor, you could help your car hit peak fuel efficiency. This would benefit you on the road as well as your wallet.


How to fix it

Let your car cool down. This is not possible in Florida heat, but a regular bath or cool shower can help. Replace the air filter after washing it. To use a replacement filter, place a new one over the sensor. You can also use a magnet to pull the old filter out. Clean the sensor. Cleaning is the main goal here. Use a wire brush and an all-purpose cleaner. Take it apart. It’s possible that the sensor has been clogged for years and is not able to draw air. If that’s the problem, you can eliminate the sensor. Apply a cleaning agent. After loosening up the old sealant with the brush, apply some fluid. Then use a moist paper cloth to rub it back together. Apply a fresh new sealant. Apply the new sealant, then reapply the old sealant if needed. Place the sensor back in place.



You should visit your dealership and ask to have the mass airflow sensor inspected by a qualified technician. If it is not fixed, you could spend several thousands of dollars fixing this problem. By doing this now, you will avoid more headaches down the road.