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The Hottest Cars of All Time

People have different tastes in cars. While some prefer to drive out luxury cars, others cannot do without feeling the torque under their feet. Over time, there have been many cars in different categories, but these cars were able to win everyone’s hearts when they came out. • 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL • 1963 Chevrolet […]



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    Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself?

    No, a car battery cannot recharge itself. If your car battery has no energy, it will need an external power source such as an external charger or a vehicle alternator. The power source can offer an adequate power capacity that can reverse the discharge process. A drained battery can occur even when you least expect […]

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    How Long Does Car Paint Take to Dry?

    There are several types of car paints that take different times to dry. However, the usual car paint takes about one day/ 24 hours to completely dry. After you apply two primer coats, giving them 10-15 minutes apart, followed by two coats of the color coat 30-90 minutes apart. However, car body shops and other […]

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    If Car Battery Dead Will Keyless Entry Work? – Definitive Answer

    If your car battery is dead and you’re already late for work, what should you do? Instead of hunting around the web for an answer, you can find it here. Plus, get the scoop on how you can get into your car fast. For a definite answer, no, you cannot unlock your vehicle with a […]

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    How Long Can a Mechanic Keep My Car?

    When you take your vehicle to the mechanic for repair, the mechanic has the right to keep your car until you settle the agreed bill. This is a way to secure payment for the shop for the complete repair they did on your vehicle. Usually, car repairs by mechanics are expensive, not to mention the […]