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How Long Does Car Paint Take to Dry?

There are several types of car paints that take different times to dry. However, the usual car paint takes about one day/ 24 hours to completely dry. After you apply two primer coats, giving them 10-15 minutes apart, followed by two coats of the color coat 30-90 minutes apart.

However, car body shops and other detailers will advise you to wait for an average of 30-90 days for the paint to ‘cure.’ This is the period where the paint ultimately sets and hardens appropriately, providing your car with utmost care and maintenance measures. Still, at this period, you should not apply any other protective layer like sealant or wax.


Why Should You Repaint Your Car?

Repainting your car is beneficial to a new car or one you’ve had for several years. While most people repaint their cars for aesthetic purposes, the job is essential for more reasons. For instance;


The sight of Worn Paint

Original factory car paint should last as long as the car does. However, the sight of worn paint is not only ugly but also disturbing. Bubbling and peeling occurs when you don’t expect, and this calls for a repaint. Car paint does more than just looks but also keeps the metal under safe from rust and dents.


You Dislike the Existing Color

Buying a second-hand car can be a deal that you don’t want to let go even if it comes with a color that you don’t like. Lucky for you, you can always change the color to what you want. Most importantly, the color of your car has a lot to say about your personality.

Besides, you don’t want to get stuck with a color that wrongfully describes you. Talk to your mechanic to help you choose the best hues that match your personality and your budget.


Greater Resell Value

Are you looking to sell your car? While there are more factors to consider, such as the model, make, and overall condition, car paint is one of the main factors. It’s impossible to expect a higher value for a car with worn-out paint and dents. After evaluating everything and making sure it is in excellent condition, head to the Bodyshop and decide on the perfect color for repainting.


What You Should Not Do To a Newly Painted Car

While it is exciting to get your car repainted and you can’t wait to show it off, there are things you should not do. For instance;

  • Do not leave the Bodyshop immediately. Take your car outside to inspect for any defects and if the color doesn’t look well blended. It would be better to take it back until it is well cured and get value for your money.
  • Do not wash it right away. Avoiding soaping your car until after 30 days; however, you can wash it gently with cold water under a shade. To avoid scratches, be extra gentle and wash with extra soft cloth.
  • Avoid leaving your newly painted car under a tree or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not wax your car. While waxing can be protective, allowing the paint to dry will benefit the process of curing.

Everybody enjoys the feeling of owning something new, and repainting your car is one of them. Ensure you do it well and also carefully to avoid wasting time and money.