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If Car Battery Dead Will Keyless Entry Work? – Definitive Answer

If your car battery is dead and you’re already late for work, what should you do? Instead of hunting around the web for an answer, you can find it here. Plus, get the scoop on how you can get into your car fast. For a definite answer, no, you cannot unlock your vehicle with a dead battery. We’ll tell you why and how you can fix it below.


Why Keyless Entry Will Not Work if Car Battery is Dead

If your keyless entry system is in perfect condition and fully charged, it still won’t work if your car battery dies. It has to do with the way that the mechanism works. For example, the whole thing is possible thanks to the use of signals that pass keyless to your car. Your vehicle must process these signals by receiving them and processing them correctly. Your vehicle won’t have enough juice to pick up or process signals with a worn-out battery. So, what happens when you push the unlock button? Nothing. Still, you have two options for unlocking your car, which we will share with you.


Two Ways to Get into your Car if It Has a Dead Battery

When your car is locked and has a dead battery, the first thing you should do is not panic. There are ways to take care of both or, if you’re in a hurry, just one quick one to get things you need out of your car. To get back in, use one of these two methods:

Jumpstart the Battery

To get your car back up and running, all you’ll need is a quick jump to your battery. A jumpstart requires jumper cables and an additional battery. If you don’t have anyone near you, you may need to call your automotive support number or an emergency hotline.

Pop the Locks

Another option is to pop the locks, though it is trickier. Some newer model cars have preventative measures and are sealed shut. Older model cars take tinkering to unlock but, it’s better to avoid any unnecessary damage. So, if you need in your vehicle and don’t have a way to jumpstart your access to something right away, you can call a locksmith to help you out and safely pop the lock in seconds.


Play it Safe

When you have issues with your keyless entry due to a dead battery, it’s easy to get frustrated. It seems to happen when we’re running late or have an important event. Instead of letting a dead battery bring you down, fix it and don’t stress. With a set of cables, you’ll have your car rumbling again in no time. Or, if you need to get in quick, get someone to pop the locks.

When dealing with your car, the last thing you want to do is damage anything. So, let professionals do the work, not letting your temper or impatience get the best of you.