New business models in the car industry

The car industry faces a number of challenges. Sales are declining, customer needs are changing and environmental standards are getting more and more stringent. Within the car industry we see different business models emerge. Business models that don’t mainly focus on selling cars anymore: concepts like Car2Go – that focuses on mobility instead of car ownership – or ZipCar – based on car sharing

Case: BMW’s DriveNow

For this blogpost we dive into the business model of BMW’s DriveNow, as it is being offered in San Francisco: the ultimate all-electric driving machine by the minute based on car sharing. How is BMW creating value with DriveNow and what do we find interesting and inspiring about this business model?


With BMW’s DriveNow, you don’t own the car. You can drop the car at any station instead, without having to worry about a parking spot. A special App shows you where available cars, parking spots, and charging stations are. DriveNow customers get self-service with the premium quality that BMW stands for. Customers pay a registration fee of $39 and 32 cents per minute or $90 per day for driving the car.

With a auto repair shop you want to make sure that their work will stay within your budget. One way that one stop auto shop Inland Northwest helps their customers is to give estimates up front and give their prices out before doing any kind of work on their customers vehicles.

If you are in the market for a rental car or a moving specialist the internet is a great tool to assist in the search.

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